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Welcome to Tri-Cities ROP! 

Established in 1974 under a Joint Powers Agreement between El Rancho Unified and Whittier Union High School Districts, Tri-Cities Regional Occupational Program (“Tri-Cities ROP”) offers students a rigorous and relevant career technical education that prepares them for both college AND careers.  We are dedicated to enriching and enhancing the lives and future successes of our students by offering a wide variety of meaningful, relevant course choices that lead to employment, industry certification, or post-secondary education.

Why take an ROP Course?
 In the past, it was widely believed that ROP classes were taken by students who:  (1) didn’t want to go to college; or (2) needed elective credits and an ROP class simply happened to fit into their schedules.  The thought back then was ROP was not for college-bound students.  Today, nothing could be further from the truth!  There are many reasons why all students, college-bound or not, should most definitely include an ROP class on their transcript! 

First and foremost, Tri-Cities ROP believes in its students.  We know every student has the potential for success and we do whatever it takes to guide our students on the path of their choosing so that they reach their educational and career goals and attain their own individual definition of success.  How?  First, we make sure we place the right students in the right class.  This makes it much more likely the students will attend class regularly, work hard, and be dedicated to learning.

What makes an ROP Classroom Different?
Step inside one of our ROP classrooms and you step into the future.  Our classrooms are furnished with modern equipment and state-of-the-are technology that either meets or exceeds industry standards.  The learning environment encourages both independent study and student collaboration.

Our course offerings are based upon current and future local labor market demands and are part of sequenced pathways that lead to certification, post-secondary education, or direct employment.  Many of our classes include an internship component, giving students the unique learning experience of real-world, hands-on training. 

Our teachers.  Our ROP classes are taught by state credentialed teachers who are industry experts with many years of professional experience and meaningful business connections.  They are passionate about what they do and they share that passion with our students. They are professional, motivational, and inspirational leaders on a mission to see students succeed in college, in careers, in life.

Tri-Cities ROP is governed by a Board of Education with representatives
from our parent districts, El Rancho Unified and Whittier Union High School Districts.  We are proud to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (“WASC”).

TZ 05We look forward to serving you on your pathway to success!

Tri-Cities ROP Students Receive Training Needed to Succeed in College AND Careers!
EM 01

CPR Training
(Pictured at left) -
Students learning CPR
during their Health
Academy class.

EM 02

(Pictured at right) -
Award-winning student serves as school representative and presents his ROP Experience at the annual Evening of Excellence awards ceremony.

EM 03

(Pictured above) – Students working a realistic crime scene.EM 04



High School Student Enrollment 


High School Sections


Local Training Sites Offering Tri-Cities ROP Students Real-World Work Experience Through Internships

Articulation and Dual-Enrollment Courses

A Number of Our Tri-Cities ROP Students are Articulated and/or Offer Dual-Enrollment Credit with Area Community Colleges

UC-Approved a-g Classes

We Are Proud to Offer UC-Approved a-g Classes

For More Information

We welcome you to explore what we have to offer by visiting our website or by visiting our office located in Building E on the Pioneer High School campus at 10800 Ben Avon Street in Whitter  90606.

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors
Our sponsors make it possible for us to provide scholarships, financial assistance and awards to our students. We encourage you to support them and their businesses by clicking here.