Business Internship(After School)

Business Internship(After School)

This course is designed to provide students with practical, on the job learning experiences
and an opportunity to develop a range of employability skills in real world settings.
Students will develop marketable skills, abilities, attitudes, and work habits that will
prepare them to enter the work force, continue their education with a focus on career
technical preparation, or pursue advanced study at the college or university level.

Students will be placed in a non-paid business internship that is related to their career
choice and work a minimum of 10 hours a week. They will also attend classroom
instruction a minimum of two hours a week. The instructor will visit the student at their
work site twice a month to observe their work and communicate with their immediate
supervisor. Students must provide their own transportation. This is a 10 credit, one
semester class. A maximum of 75 students will be enrolled.


  • CTE Sector: Business and Finance
  • CTE Pathway: Business Management
  • Time of Class: After School
  • Located at: El Rancho, La Serna, Santa Fe

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