Computer Careers

Computer Careers

Computer Careers prepares students for entry-level jobs in information and communication technology careers. Students will be introduced to all, and be able to explore two, of the following careers: Administrative Assistant, Internet/Web Support Technician, Technology Support Technician, Graphic Designer, Computer Programming Assistant, and/or Network Technician. Instruction includes lecture, demonstrations and hands-on work. Evaluation is competency based. Students may have an opportunity to gain exposure of a computer career through workplace learning.

Integrated throughout the course are career preparation and academic content standards, which include career-readiness skills, communications, career planning and management, technology, problem solving and critical thinking, health and safety, responsibility and flexibility, ethics and legal responsibilities, leadership and teamwork, and technical knowledge and skills. Sustainability and environmentally sound practices within the industry sector are also discussed and encouraged.


  • CTE Sector: Information and Communication Technologies
  • CTE Pathway: Information Support and Services
  • Time of Class: Day Time
  • Located at: La Serna

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