Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science is a comprehensive curriculum, providing extensive instructional materials and supplemental teaching resources you will need to implement the course while still allowing you the flexibility to customize the content and pacing if you choose to. The course uses an online platform for content delivery, making it easy for students to navigate and use in the classroom while providing the opportunity for anytime, anywhere learning outside the classroom as well.

Integrated throughout the course are standards for Career Ready Practice and Academic Content Standards which include: appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge; communication skills; career planning; applied technology; critical thinking and problem solving; personal health and financial literacy; citizenship, integrity, ethical leadership and effective management; work productively while integrating cultural and global competence; creativity and innovation; reliable research strategies, and environment, social and economic impacts of decisions.


  • CTE Sector: Information and Communication Technologies
  • CTE Pathway: Software and Systems Development
  • Time of Class: Day Time
  • Located at: Ellen Ochoa Prep Academy
  • Recommended Prerequisite: None


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