Focus on Achieving Successful Transition

Focus on Achieving Successful Transition

FAST is designed to assist student’s transitions from middle school to high school, as
well as make career pathway decisions, and develop employment skills. This class will
prepare students for a successful career by learning the skills needed, academically and
socially, to succeed in high school and post-secondary education.

This class provides students the opportunity to assess their personal learning styles and interests while exploring college and career plans. The focus is to engage students and provide relevance in academics by covering topics such as: communication skills, technology literacy, leadership, people skills (choices and consequences), study skills, and achieving goals and time management. In addition, certain parts of the curriculum delivery support the development of keyboarding and/ or technological skills.


  • CTE Sector: Business and Finance
  • CTE Pathway: Financial Services
  • Time of Class: Day Time
  • Located at: Pioneer, Santa Fe

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