Sports Medicine II

Sports Medicine II

Sport Medicine II builds and enhances the foundations of Sports Medicine I:

Provides classroom and community training for students preparing for jobs in sports medicine, including athletic training, physical therapy, and the health and fitness industry. Transferable career skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum. These include applying academic theory to real work situations, critical thinking, problem solving, communicating verbally and in writing, teamwork, and personal accountability. Students are expected to be responsible, sociable, resourceful and self-managing.

Classroom instruction incorporates the theory and practice of career development with sports therapy and health fitness skills. That is: how to acquire and use information, how to work productively with others, how to use time, money and equipment efficiently, and how to work effectively within social, organizational and technological systems.

Medically related topics include basic anatomy, terminology, standard precautions, body mechanics, kinesiology, nutrition, CPR, and first aid.

Integrated throughout the course are career preparation and academic content standards, which include basic skills, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, safety, technology, and other employment skills.


  • CTE Sector: Health Science and Medical Technology
  • CTE Pathway: Public and Community Health
  • Time of Class: Day Time
  • Located at: El Rancho, Pioneer

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